About The Steinmetz Foundation

Beny Steinmetz Foundation receives award

The Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation is an Israeli organization that works to make a positive impact on different parts of Israeli society, specifically within the spheres of education, culture, health, and social welfare. The foundation was established by Agnes and Beny Steinmetz in 2007 as a means of best implementing their efforts to do good. Specifically, the foundation ensures that local authorities are able to provide early childhood education services and supports organizations that use unique tools to help young people at risk.

Vision & Goals

Steinmetz Foundation aims to strengthen the social strength of Israel and the creation of a better future for children and youth in the country. 


Preschoolers are at a critical stage of development and health, but the childcare system in Israel is complex and in need of improvement. It is for this reason that the foundation has placed a focus on early childhood education as it pursues significant systemic change. The foundation seeks to increase awareness about the importance of formalized early childhood care. It actively encourages local and national authorities to take charge of the well-being and development of all children in Israel from the moment they are born.

The foundation works in cooperation with the local authorities to establish and administer early childhood education services within communities. In the framework of these partnerships, early childhood education centers as well as training programs have been formed for both professionals and parents in order to ensure that the children and their families receive all the necessary care.


Afterschool Childcare Facilities

The Steinmetz Foundation together with the Ezra Vetikva organization helps run afterschool childcare facilities in the city of Netanya. The facilities serve children in first and second grade and provide them with a hot meal, assistance with homework, and enrichment classes.

At-Risk Youth

At-risk youth are young people whose needs are not properly addressed by classical frameworks.

The Steinmetz Foundation supports organizations that provide creative and innovative approaches to working with at-risk youth in order to allow them to succeed and become a part of more traditional frameworks.

The Steinmetz Foundation also established a forum of organizations that work with at-risk youth. The forum convenes annually and is designed to help the member organizations gain more professional expertise in their respective fields, promote their work, expand their influence, and raise awareness among the relevant personnel in the education and welfare systems.

Higher Education

The Steinmetz Foundation grants annual scholarships to students at Netanya Academic College. The scholarship requires the recipients to help children in a variety of frameworks.

Culture, Health, and Welfare

Out of a profound commitment to Israeli society, the Steinmetz Foundation supports a wide range of organizations that work in education, welfare, culture, and health. The foundation assists museums and theaters as well as the Israel Cancer Association.


Beny Steinmetz – Founder and Chairman

Beny Steinmetz  is a business executive and philanthropist. As the chairman of the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation, he is actively involved in a multitude of philanthropic initiatives.


In 2006, Beny and his wife, Agnes, founded the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports a range of causes with an emphasis placed on the welfare and education of young people. More than 50,000 children, 3,000 parents, and 2,000 faculty members have benefited from the grants that the foundation has issued to a variety of initiatives.

Beny has an honorary doctorate from the Netanya Academic College in recognition of his efforts on behalf the students.

Support for the Arts and Culture

The Steinmetz family also makes large contributions in the fields of culture and the arts in Israel, specifically to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where two galleries were inaugurated in the family’s name.


The Beny Steinmetz Foundation team

Board of Directors

Mr. Beny Steinmetz
Mrs. Agnes Steinmetz
Mrs. Marion Wiesel
Professor Elie Wiesel
Adv.Ram Caspi
Prof. Itamar Rabinovich
Adv. Pinhas Rubin 

Audit Committee
Mr. Avi Levy, CPA
Mr. Adi Uziel, CPA


Adv. Iris London-Zolty


Mr. Solomo Hollander, CPA 

Director of Youth at Risk programs
Mrs. Shelly Menachem 

Professional consultation in the field of early childhood 
Mrs. Anat Bar

Director of Social Welfare programs 
Mrs. Ialna Murray