About The Steinmetz Foundation

Beny Steinmetz Foundation receives award

The Steinmetz Foundation was established in 2007 by Agnes & Beny Steinmetz with the aim to strengthen the social fabric of the State of Israel and create a better future for the children and youth.

Until the Foundation was established Agnes & Beny donated and helped verity of organizations in Israel and abroad.

In 2007 they decided to establish a Foundation in order to gather their philanthropic efforts, operate more strategically and professionally and try to make a real change.

Since they believe that the formative years are the most critical phase in a child´s life,  the main strategic efforts of the Foundation are directed to developing professional services for early childhood. 

The Foundation is also obliged to support a wide range of programs helping youth at risk, students, as well as program promoting culture and health. 

Vision & Goals

Steinmetz Foundation aims to strengthen the social strength of Israel and the creation of a better future for children and youth in the country. 

Early Childhood

The Foundation seeks to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood professional care, and to the responsibility of state and local municipalities for the welfare and development of all children from birth. 

The Foundation works in partnership with local municipalities for the establishment and operation of early childhood services.

Youth At-Risk

The Foundation chose to help organizations working to find innovative ways and means to work with youth at-risk , such as O.D.T, film making, sailing, dance, drama, and therapeutic riding. 
This activity is designed to enable such youth are at risk to experience success, and integrate into a normative way of life. 

After School Centers

The Foundation supports 7 after school centers in the city of Netanya in which the children enjoy hot meal, help with homework and enrichment activities. 

Higher Education

The Foundation grants 125 scholarships each year to students at the Netanya academic collage. The Students who are eligible for the scholarship volunteer and help children in different settings. 

Culture & Health

From a deep commitment to Israeli society, the Foundation also supports many organizations promoting  culture and health.

Beny Steinmetz - Founder

Beny Steinmetz is a veteran businessman and philanthropist who is active in more than 25 countries across the globe. Steinmetz is an advisor to BSG, a private group with investments all over the world in the real estate, natural resources and capital markets. He is also actively involved with philanthropic initiatives, and is the Chairman of the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation.

Philanthropic Endeavors

In 2006 he and his wife Agnes started the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports a range of causes, with a strong focus on the welfare and education of children, adults and college students. The foundation backs initiatives that help young people who are at risk, and provides funding to municipalities to build special facilities for early childhood education. Over 25,000 children, more than 2,200 parents and 2,000 staff members have benefited from the improvements the foundation has made.  For his activity for Netanya college students he was awarded as a Doctor Honoris Causa.

Patron of the Arts

As a patron of the arts world, Beny has been exceptionally supportive of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where he and his wife Agnes, also serve as members in the Board of Trustees and Beny also serve as a Director in the Board of Directors. His efforts have been rewarded with a directorship and an honorary fellowship at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


The Beny Steinmetz Foundation team

Board of Directors

Mr. Beny Steinmetz
Mrs. Agnes Steinmetz
Mrs. Marion Wiesel
Professor Elie Wiesel
Adv.Ram Caspi
Prof. Itamar Rabinovich
Adv. Pinhas Rubin 

Audit Committee
Mr. Avi Levy, CPA
Mr. Adi Uziel, CPA


Adv. Iris London-Zolty


Mr. Solomo Hollander, CPA 

Director of Youth at Risk programs
Mrs. Shelly Menachem 

Professional consultation in the field of early childhood 
Mrs. Anat Bar

Director of Social Welfare programs 
Mrs. Ialna Murray