Beny Steinmetz – Founder and Chairman

Beny Steinmetz is a business executive and philanthropist. As the chairman and co-founder of the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation, he is actively involved in a multitude of philanthropic initiatives.

Philanthropy In 2006, Beny and his wife, Agnes, founded the Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports a range of causes with an emphasis placed on the welfare and education of young people. More than 50,000 children, 3,000 parents, and 2,000 faculty members have benefited from the grants that the foundation has issued to a variety of initiatives. Beny has an honorary doctorate from the Netanya Academic College in recognition of his efforts on behalf the students.

Support for the Arts and Culture Beny Steinmetz, is actively supporting the promotion of Culture and Arts fostering and promoting sincere respect for cultural heritage and freedom of expression through Art. His generous donations have made a new wing for Architecture and Design at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, one of the most significant contemporary art museums in the world. Steinmetz has also been awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa from the Netanya Academic College and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.