Dr. Anat Bar

Advisor on Early Childhood Education

Anat has been working in the field of early childhood education in Israel for more than 30 years and helps formulate the Steinmetz Foundation’s approach. Anat, who is a trained art therapist, founded the Hapaot Center—a center for infant enrichment, activity, and care—in the city of Tirat Carmel in 1986 and has been running it since. The Hapaot Center serves as a model for the Steinmetz Foundation’s work in early childhood education both in the way that it brings the foundation’s worldview to fruition and in the programs that it facilitates.

Several years ago, Anat completed her doctorate at the University of Haifa in educational leadership and policy, specializing in organizational education. She was appointed to serve as director of Tirat Carmel’s Early Childhood Department in an effort by the city to implement the local governmental model for which the foundation has been lobbying.

ד"ר ענת בר

Shelli Menachem

Program Director for At-Risk Youth

Shelli, a trained social worker, runs the Steinmetz Foundation’s at-risk youth department. For years now, Shelli has specialized in maintaining contact with dozens of organizations that work to benefit young people at-risk using unique sets of tools (outdoor challenges, art, sports, etc.). Shelli also formed a forum for these organizations that convenes annually in order to collaborate, share information, and get to know each other.