Steinmetz Foundation Management

The Steinmetz Foundation was founded by Agnes and Beny Steinmetz in 2006. The foundation’s management dedicated team has spearheaded a variety of initiatives to support and empower vulnerable segments of Israeli society, primarily young children and at-risk youth.

Steinmentz Foundation Management

Board Members

Beny Steinmetz

Agnes Steinmetz

Adv. Ram Caspi

Professor Itamar Rabinovich

Adv. Pini Rubin

Adv. Michal Steinmetz

Adv. Michal Vizer

Audit Committee Members

Avi Levy, CPA

Adi Uziel, CPA

Executive Director

Iris London-Zolty

Deputy Financial Director

Asher Levin

Program Director for At-Risk Youth

Shelly Menachem

Advisor on Early Childhood Education

Anat Bar

Advisor on Social Welfare Programs and Childcare Facilities

Ilana Mori