Culture, Health and well-being

Clubs for At-Risk Children

The Steinmetz Foundation assists in the operation of seven clubhouses for at-risk children from troubled neighborhoods in the city of Netanya. The clubhouses are run by the Ezra Vetikva (Help and Hope) organization and help around 130 children each year. The clubs offer tutoring for homework, a hot meal, enrichment programs, and a lot of love.

Assistance in the Distribution of Food to Families in Need

Together with the Ezra Vetikva (Help and Hope) organization, the Steinmetz Foundation helps with the distribution of vouchers in Netanya to families in need for food purchases, particularly around the holidays of Passover and the Jewish New Year.

Student Scholarships

Netanya Academic College

The Steinmetz Foundation grants around 125 scholarships annually to students at Netanya Academic College (at a sum of NIS 8,000 a scholarship). More than 1,500 scholarships have been issued so far. In exchange, each student must volunteer 100 hours of their time to help at-risk children and young people. More than 100,000 hours have been volunteered collectively by students for children in the city of Netanya.

Soldiers of the IDF

Adoption of the Givati Brigade's Tzabar Battalion

The Steinmetz Foundation has adopted the GIvati Brigade's Tzabar Battalion for around 12 years now through the Adopt-a-Battalion program run by the Association of Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers. Throughout the years, the foundation has ensured that the soldiers are properly taken care of, that they receive quality equipment, and that the battalion's lone soldiers receive the necessary assistance.

Assistance to Students in Need

Eldad High School in Netanya

Since its formation the Steinmetz Foundation has been working together with the administration of the Eldad High School in Netanya to offer scholarships to students in need. The foundation has succeeded in helping dozens of students by subsidizing the cost of trips and special events and by supporting the purchasing of textbooks for those who could not afford to do so on their own.

The New Wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Steinmetz Foundation was a partner to the construction of the new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The museum's Architecture and Design Wing as well as the Gallery of Architecture and Design were donated by the foundation and bear its name.

Assistance to Hospitals

The Steinmetz Foundation helps various hospital departments obtain the equipment they require. For example, the foundation has assisted Tel Hashomer Hospital with the purchase of equipment for its Eye Department as well as Laniado Hospital with the purchase of equipment for its pediatric intensive care unit.

Assistance to Ezra Le'Marpeh Center and to Ezer Mizion

For years, the Steinmetz Foundation has supported the Ezra Le'Marpeh Center led by Rabbi Elimelech Firer and the Ezer Mizion organization led by Rabbi Chananiah Chollak, both of which are instrumental in saving lives.

Creation of Communities of Professionals for Learning and Cooperation

In addition to all its ongoing activities and support for the above organizations, the Steinmetz Foundation has formed important communities of professionals in the fields of early childhood education and of care for at-risk youth. It has done so through forums and courses that it has spearheaded and established and that it continues to administer. These forums make up a large part of the foundation's efforts to advance professional expertise and enable colleagues to learn from each other, allowing for the achievement of shared goals in these fields.