Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot | Medical Consultation and Guidance

Lema’anchem – Maflee La’asot, of which Beny Steinmetz is one of the founders, was founded to fill a real need in the community to receive a second medical opinion. This non-profit organization acts for thousands of patients in Israel who need guidance, second opinions and accompaniment through the road to getting proper medical treatment but cannot afford the costs of expensive and immediate counseling. It is an organization that believes in charity, kindness and health, making the patients’ complex journey simpler and friendlier.

Lema’anchem’s job is to bring together the patient with the best doctor. Any person in Israel and around the word regardless of religion, race or nationality can call for free, 24/7. Anyone can call and receive a professional answer within several hours from the foremost specialists in the State of Israel. The organization has an “army” of more than 70 “reserve doctors”, that’s how they call themselves. Some of them are the leading experts in Israel in their field. They volunteered to help the organization and answer questions when the patients find themselves falling in between the cracks, or when things aren’t explained to them.